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Either you want to remove a tree to avoid accidents, or a tree bound to hit the electrical wires, perhaps a tree is blocking your view to enjoy a beautiful scenery or you’re just preparing for a heavy weather that may cause more damage, Davey Tree Removal Services has experts to caters your tree removal needs.


Considering they are currently one of the leading industry based in the northern America that offers a full range of consulting services starting from commercial, residential, municipal and even governmental market. As they work in maintaining outstanding services and professional standards. Only the best services are offered here.

A Little History


Davey Tree was founded by John Davey from England and transferred to Ohio in 1873. During that time, the country was in a heavy state of depression. He took it as a challenge to dedicate himself to tree care conservation and protection. He started working his marvel in a cemetery that he transformed into a beautiful memorial park. Learning to plant from his father, he fell in love into planting that later grew into his passion for leading a Tree Expert Company at the long run.


A business that sparked since the year 1880 and employee owned since 1979 with a vision in promoting balance among people, progress and the environment that delivers client experience, employee strength safety, and financial sustainability excellence. Davey Tree became committed to delivering excellent service that widely became popular as a wildfire.

What do they offer? Experience and Reviews included.

Speaking of services especially in Tree Removal is one of those fields in which Davey never falls behind. Backed by an extensive research about trees and its development since it was founded. They tackle every aspect of tree care service from roots, leaves, trunks, cambium layers, sap flow, nutritional and maintenance needs and even to its cellular structure. Davey’s expert team knows it all and is expected to deliver tree cutting in its highest standards.


As they make deals with clients to maintain the value and safety of their green space, not only they provide excellent workmanship in tree cutting but as well as presenting undeniably fast and cost-effective results.


With more than 10 years of experience in Tree Care Service industry, Davey Tree Removal Services has been one of-of those few that were certified by the International Society of Arboriculture from the Tree Care Industry Association or TCIA. Not to mention winning awards from Angies list, they don’t just stop there; Daveys will be more than happy to extend help in providing you valuable information in choosing the right Arborist that will aid you from going to the troubles of spending too much.


If you happen to visit their website which is www.davey.com, you will find amazing offers and a vast amount of services you can tap into. This service includes tree cutting, pruning, transferring, tree health check up and even seasonal tree care tips! Not to mention, they offer a $100 bonus for referring a friend to avail amazing service they offer.


Davey tree services values every green asset. Thus it is a company that runs in a core rule of not just protecting nature but also keeping them healthy and beautiful. With each highly trained professional dedicated to not just satisfy the clients but also keeping them in touch for further help in the future.


Major tree diseases

Trees are living things and are infected and affected by infections every day of their lives. If they are not protected from the condition, they will eventually die and most likely leave a bad trail behind of infected trees.

The primary causes of diseases in trees are pests and insects. These transfer infections and causing germs from one tree to another. The principal challenge in controlling tree diseases are the ease at which new infections occur, some fungus are easily carried around by the wind and cause diseases to the trees they get.

Powdery mildew

It is a fungal disease manifested by the presence of whitish powder on the leaves of a tree. The infected leaves eventually die off. To treat and control the disease use recommended fungicides or wettable powder sulfur. You can also make your spray by mixing one gallon of water with one full spoon of baking soda and a half spoon of liquid soap. you can find this at www.mayerpower.com

Do not spray the affected trees when the sun is hot nor use stored mixtures. Pour any left chemical mixture.

Tree canker disease

Cankers on trees are dead patches on the bark, stem, branches or twigs of a tree. They are caused by a fungus that enters the bark through a wounded place and burrows between the wood and the bark. The fungi consume the tree from inside and cause death patches which further opens more entry points for disease-causing pathogens.

Cankers vary on tree depending on the region. The main types are

  • Thyronectria canker which is caused by fungi and is mostly common on honey locust trees.
  • Nectria canker which mostly affects deciduous trees.
  • Cytospora canker which is common on fruit trees and shrub and other types of conifers.
  • Hypoxylon canker which mostly affects the oak trees.

To prevent the spread of canker disease use sterilized cutting tools to remove infected parts of the tree. Also, ensure pruning is only done during dry seasons.

Root and butt rot diseases

It is a fungal disease that mostly affects the area around the base of the tree where the tree comes into contact with the soil. If it affects the roots, the resulting condition is root rot. After infecting the roots and the butt, it then travels the tree upward up to one and a half meters high. Some of the fungi which cause these rotting conditions are Serpula himantioides and Ganoderma zonatum fungi.

The presence of water or excess moisture in the soil for a prolonged period catalyzes the disease.

Diplodia tip blight

It is a fungal condition that affects the conifer trees and more specifically the pine trees. It mostly affects trees which are more than 15 years with effects being more sphere in trees older than 30 years. It kills the most current branch ends, and when you look at an infected tree, you will see brown patches all over the crown of the tree.

To control the disease remove and destroy all the affected seeds since they contain the spores which are transmitted and cause more infections to other trees.


The bulletproof method to keep your trees safe from diseases is to practice control measures. Ensure you disinfect and spray fumigants in the soil quarterly. Also, remove any dead twigs and branches. Look out for discoloration of leaves too. If you notice an infestation of the tree by pests, try using pesticides to kill the pests. You can also consult your local agricultural forest officer on the appropriate measures to take.